European University Institute, Florence, Italy, 26-28 May 2016

HAEU EUIThe severe multidimensional crisis that has been affecting Europe since 2008 calls for a critical rethinking of European integration history. Europe’s present difficulties highlight both the importance of crises in shaping European integration and the role of European governance in asserting a certain form of capitalism. Crises have punctuated and defined European integration history from the start – the mushrooming of integration and cooperation projects sixty years ago were responses to the chaos of post-­‐war Europe. The present crisis also raises questions about the nature of the European ‘project’, which appears today to differ in many ways from what it was at its inception. Arguably, European integration took ot in a moment of exception in the history of capitalism, when inequalities were at a historical low –in sharp contrast with the present era of globalised ‘neoliberal’ capitalism and record inequalities. This conference will explore the interconnections between European integration and the history of capitalism and its crises, in an effort to highlight the shifting nature of the European integration process.

Audio recordings of the two keynote speeches are available. Listen to the below.

Download the conference programme here pdf_icon

Download the abstract of the keynote lecture by Wolfgang Streeck here pdf_icon

Download the abstract of the keynote lecture by Bo Stråth here pdf_icon


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